Orphan Art

Orphan Art

"Bring a child food and you nurture their body, but teach a child art
and you nurture their soul.

Throughout the world thousands of children are existing in orphanages. Many of these children live in very remote regions, where everyday they are faced with severe economic disadvantages. Although the orphanages do their best to provide for these children, their resources are limited.

The children's daily lives are often without beauty, art, and hope. Often the children have no idea that they hold within themselves the tools to express themselves and mold their views of their very existence. A sense of hopeless and helplessness often pervades their daily lives, and extinguishes the possibility of a brighter future. Orphan Art, Inc. seeks to remedy this situation by providing children with supplies to address their daily needs, coupled with the tools and knowledge to tap into their creativity.

In order to assist these young people in recognizing their own potential, Orphan Art, Inc. provides orphans around the world with art supplies and education. In addition, they market the artwork to various audiences, and return the funds to the participating orphanages and their communities to promote economic self-sufficiency.

Some people would argue that bringing art instruction and supplies to the orphans overlooks their basic struggle for survival. Orphan Art's founder, Brice Keller, has quite elegantly summed up this dilemma by stating, "Bring a child food and you nurture their body, but teach a child art and you nurture their soul." This is a compelling argument for providing the children with more than the very basic needs of survival.

The organization is in its start up phase right now, but plans to be fully operating by the end of 2007. This plan is intended to be utilized as a financing proposal and an operating guide for the organization. The plan will be reviewed semiannually by the Board of Directors. In 2007, operations will be underway, but the extent of the organization's operations will be directly impacted by the amount of funding that is accumilated. Orphan Art, Inc Has applied for its non- profit standing with the IRS

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