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Trip Stories

Every picture you buy, the money goes to the children , period end of story. We took Panama children to the beach twice from the mountains, Cuban children went to a resort to swim in a real swimming pool, Cambodian children had food, children in the refugee camp on the Burmese border listened to the shortwave radio and were awe struck someone took the time to visit them. I spoke to children on the Indian Reservation, about self esteem and my travels. And these are only some of my travels,, CHECK OUT THE PICTURES HERE

I simply can not do it alone. I need your help to help more children. Please Donate.

Please add our link on your site


email-- bricenbaylee@hotmail.com


Thank you for your visit, so many people say they appreciate what I am doing and give there accolades. I have to be honest, there is  a selfish part about this, as a kid I would dream of sailing away to far away places,,  slaying dragons and looking for my Princess. The reality of it now is the dragons are within, and I am still looking for my princess.  The children fill a part of me that was missing in my growing up. We are all a book ,, the introduction and the first few chapters we can not write they are written for us, our child hood are parents, we can never go back and change that part. We can go back and edit it if we choose, the rest of the book we get to write, and work for a happy ending.

I can not do this alone I need help, money of course, but  not just that, everything helps, e-mail this site to friends, sign the quest book to help us get better rankings on Google. buy a picture, everyone has talents, let me borrow yours to help the children. I thank you My daughter thanks you and the children thank you. Sincerely, Brice Keller 2-17-2009


I Have been given a total of $3,200 dollars for the last five years, with that I have been to Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, Cuba, Vietnam ,Panama, Costa Rica, Pine Ridge Reservation South Dakota. One trip to Panama 12-05 I had the pleasure of renting a bus and taking the entire staff and children from Casa Triscar Orphanage To the beach . For most of the children it was their first time to see the ocean, they had a fantastic time. I have bussed the kids to the beach twice. I returned from Panama on 4-07 the kids are doing well.

Needles to say the amount donated is not of concern to me as I have never made a penny from this nor do I ever plan to,

nor do I have much money for that mater lol.

I wish I hade enough to do this full time, I have sailed to Cuba five times to see children and take cloths and food, the last trip alone. I can not begin to describe to beauty of the places I have been, or the hospitality of the people. Often people ask if it is dangerous where I go, and the answer is not anymore then our local and large city's here in the states.

If you would like to go on an adventure of a life time, see the children in any of the places I mentioned, you will not forget it. Neither will they. Just do it..............

The children really thank you, Please any suggestions or ideas how we or you can help or if you know of any orphanges that we can help just ask .

August 9, 2012



Brice Keller










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