"Bring a child food and you nurture their body, but teach a child art and you nurture their soul."

How Can You Help?
I would like to return to each orphanage with 1000.00 for the children, deliver it so they get the food, cloths and school supplies This would tell the kids they are not forgotten. I would visit different orphanages on the trips. I have been getting more orders for art prints, the small printer I have is less efficient then a larger professional one, it would pay for itself in savings quickly and provide archival prints that will last for 100 years. The printer is a Epson 4800, ink is much cheaper and I could print off of rolls rather then the high cost of sheets. It costs $2200,00 or so. Anything helps, tell a friend send them the web site, everything helps.



Art Teachers
Any other Teachers interested


Any kind of art supplies
Any items for the children

We also accept money donations, although for a more in depth
and updated list of what is needed, please contact us .

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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