City of Habana, May 31, 2001
For my dear little friends in Vietnam.
I would like to greet you and tell you that even though the distances separate us, we can be together with our hearts because love does not have limits nor does it have frontiers.
Here, the children are happy because there are many people who worry and become busy for us and we are not missing the most important thing, which is affection, for this reason I would wish to infect you with my happiness.
We know about you because of a friend of ours and yours, Brice Keller; for this reason, through him, we are sending you a kiss and a huge embrace. If you send us your address, we will continue to write you. In our home, we live together as children and adolescents and youth of both genders and we have the same possibilities that the rest of the citizens of this country do. We make up a great family and you can make up a part of this family as well, because we have many things in common.
We are already finishing our school year and in the months of July and August we will enjoy our vacations when we will travel and have fun.