Dear Bay lee,
I hope that when you receive these lines, you find yourself well, in the union of your loved ones, although perhaps a bit sad because your father is here in Cuba. I will tell you that I met the most beautiful and good father in this entire world, that he loves you very much and you are the most important in his life. During the time that he was here, he always mentioned you and every time that he saw another little girl, he had you very present in his mind and in his heart. Take care of your father very well and love him very much.
You are the heart that gives life to him, I hope that one day we will be able to get to know each other. I desire the best for you, for your father, and for your family, and hope you are very happy.
Saying goodbye to you is a friend that has grown to love you very much although I don’t have you close to me, Kisses, Lucia.