Hope your week has gone well. Mine has been long and yet very fruitful! I
learned a lot about immigration laws and found some great information and
resources to help many of the people who are living in this area (some of
whom have underwent some serious human rights violations) , so in spite of
the long days in Miami, it was well worth the trip!
Here are the letters from Cuba, I have translated them word for word for you
so that you could see how they read. I have made a few notes in italics
regarding a couple of words that I couldn’t quite make out due to the
handwriting. Perhaps later you can look at these and help me discern the
I have been impressed by reading these simple letters and by the love and
hope that are expressed in them, as well as the affection they seem to feel
for you. I am excited to see this process as it unfolds and cannot wait to
see the replies from the children from Cambodia and Vietnam’s.
Talk to you soon, for now I will be sending you these translations in an
attached file. For some reason, AOL usually tends to compress these files in
a zip file which is frustrating for some people (including myself at times).
If for some reason you can’t open it (this sometimes happens to me) give me a
call and I will try to send them from the office.
See you soon,
(envelope): For the children in the Free Nation of Cambodia
City of Habana, June 1, 2001
For the children of Cambodia:
I am happy to greet you and would like to tell you that I almost already know you in regards to your customs and idiosyncrasies because in our country, the visitors and dignitaries of the Free Nation of Cambodia are respected and loved.
On television in these days we have seen many places or provinces of your country and we have also had the opportunity to share with and have some dear friends from Cambodia.
We may not have mastered your language but we can understand each other very well, we play and can share games.
When you wish, you may write to us because here you have some dear friends here and what’s more-we can even call each other “family” because that is how we feel about you.
I wish that some day we could be able to meet in person, but well, even if it is only by mail, we are still able to communicate.
We know that Brice Keller visits you like he visits us and for that reason we are taking advantage of this opportunity to form this tie of friendship and affection because we really appreciate